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C. Scott Bolden (Baumhaus Wedding)

Der Vortrag
»Design - My Frameworks Of Evolution«

My life‘s journey has been profoundly and positively effected by my decision to pursue a career as an industrial designer; it may even have saved my life... When I first entered the world of design, I came with the motivation, »How can I have the most positive impact on the world and other people, what can I do to make the world a better place?« These days I find myself more often asking the question, »How can I facilitate bringing more balance to the situation?«

I will share the story by which I evolved from one framework to the other and how that has facilitated my growth as a designer and as a human being. The story of how my trans-disciplinary adventure and my pursuit of a broad spectrum of experiences led me to rise in the world of product design, have resonant impact through interior design and inspire transformation through event and systems design. How blurring the boundaries between art, design and life can often lead to good things...

Über C. Scott Bolden (Baumhaus Wedding)

Scott is a designer, artist and engineer from Brooklyn, New York who started out his professional career with Smart Design. He’s a founder of the designer’s collective »Skizum Studios« and other art initiatives / festivals. Scott acted as chairman of the Industrial Designer’s Society of America (IDSA) Sustainability Section in the mid 1990′s. Currently, he is focussed on developing projects that produce sustainable solutions and situations including »Das Baumhaus«, an indoor tree house in Berlin



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