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Nora Hauptmann

Der Vortrag
»Wings University«

Wings University is a private online university with the sole goal to provide refugees access to higher education. We do so by solving the three essential problems identified by the UN for refugees to enter higher education by charging no tuition fee and allowing enrolment and granting degrees based on performance and not on legal status or prior school exams.

We do this by taking advantage of the number trend in (online-) education, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Many world-class courses of universities like Harvard, MIT or Yale are already freely accessible to everyone in the cloud. Put simple, we take these open source online courses taught by world-leading experts in their field, modify them with the latest e-learning technology and design elegant study programs with real-life working sessions, projects in teamwork, mentoring, student support and modern, fun ways of learning and testing out of it. All of this is done with the careful supervision of experienced professors, experts in education and established educational institutions.

Über Nora Hauptmann

Ist fasziniert von der Vision freier Bildung weltweit, und im Besonderen für Menschen, die ihrem Heimatland entflohen sind. Als Psychologie-Studentin im Masterstudium an der HU Berlin, mit Fokus auf interkulturelle Psychologie, hat sie in lokalen Bildungs-Projekten in verschiedenen Ländern mitgearbeitet. Bei der Online Universität Wings University ist sie nun für die Kooperation mit Flüchtlings-Organisationen und -initiativen verantwortlich.

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